Statement on Migration

As a result of the global processes the Hungarian society was facing again a divisive issue, namely the sudden acceleration of the migration wave. Both the Hungarian and the international civil movements as well as the progressive parties have to take the impact of increasing migratory pressures into consideration.

Due to the large number of refugees and the incompetence of the ruling power as well as its dark intentions a serious crisis emerged in Hungary. Humanitarian catastrophe is in the making. Thousands of people are waiting for the dwindling possibility of further travel without food, water, resting place and medical care. Their misery is eased by civilian relief workers, while Hungarian authorities are busy to build a 175 km long barbed wire fence at the Hungarian-Serbian border.

The migrants come primarily here for non-economic reasons and originate mainly from civil war zones (Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan). For the serious situation the governments and the multinational companies of the core countries are responsible, but they do not wish to assume their responsibilities. Instead, they put the blame on the refugees fleeing from the hopelessness, and the consequences are passed to the „front countries” (e.g. formerly Italy, right now Hungary).

Instead of fighting against the poverty the current Hungarian government has been waging a social extermination campaign also against his own people, the poor for a long time. In no way it intends to resolve the situation. On the contrary, now it has the intention to collect political benefits. Humanistic solution cannot be expected from the now ruling government.

The domestic civilians sympathizing with the migrants have weak power. International help is needed, and for this reason we appeal to the core countries’ humanist and democratic forces, primarily to the European Left!

We call on the organizations and the activists the European left to win their public opinion for supporting the cause of the migration and to force their own governments and multinational corporations to assume their responsibility in solving the crisis caused by themselves!

Failing to do so, the humanitarian crisis will be managed and „solved” by the current Hungarian government in a greatest inhumane way! The responsible political and economic powers make the Orban-government carry out the „dirty work”, for which in return the bill will be submitted.

To launch the principled clarification of the situation we find it necessary to state the following:

1. Hungary’s economic strength to solve alone the emerging humanitarian disaster is not enough.

2. The criminalization of the refugees (immigrants and migrants) are not permissible in any form and will not be accepted!

3. The government’s anti-immigrant rhetoric and campaign of hysteria are considered as action for political gain and opposed in all forms!

4. The anti-migration hysteria is extremely dangerous because it strengthens the advance of the far right.

Friends! Let us struggle together in order to get the people of Europe know the real causes of migration and force the political and economic power to solve the real problem!

Budapest, 3rd August 2015.

Hungarian United Left Movement (MEBAL)

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