Carl Rowlands: A Brown Old Deal?

“We’re the slaves of the phony leaders

Breathe the air we have blown you.”

The Punk and the Godfather, from Quadrophenia by The Who

The Progressive Economy Foundation recently held an event in Budapest called a ‘Green Jobs Summit,’ featuring an assortment of Hungarian social democrat and green politicians including Gordon Bajnai, Andras Schiffer, Javor Benedek and Imre Szabo. Whilst the assorted journalists were perhaps most interested in Gordon Bajnai’s attack on Fidesz for commissioning a huge expansion to the nuclear power plant at Paks, perhaps the most interesting contribution was provided by Reinhard Butikofer, president of the European Green Party, who gave the opening address. And it was probably more interesting for what he didn’t say about growth and jobs, rather than what he did say. Carl Rowlands: A Brown Old Deal? részletei…