Tanay Cholkhan: Ukraine: A biological „bomb” for Europe

The outbreaks of infectious diseases epidemics started to occure in the country after the American biolaboratories got a green light to operate on the territory of Ukraine

Five years ago, the Ukrainians made their choice in favor of European integration – in the spring of 2017 the European Parliament voted for the abolition of the visa regime for Ukraine, not even having a clue what dangerous consequences such a decision would have.

When Ukraine decided to set foot on the European route, Brussels fully supported this decision. However, whom exactly did the EU support? People who wanted to live in a European society or politicians who came to power in Ukraine, parasitizing on the ideas of Ukrainians? In fact, the answer to this question lies much deeper and in order to understand it, one must look at the situation more broadly.

When the Revolution of Dignity unfolded in the center of Kiev, it had far fewer supporters than the media reported. The opposition forces just needed to create the appearance of support. Thus, people who mostly weren’t related to the European idea appeared in the Ukrainian capital.

Those Ukrainians who supported European integration had one peculiarity, which the European Union probably did not take into account. These citizens did not need Ukraine as part of Europe. Having had enough of life in the realities of their native country, they just wanted to get out of its borders – to go where they could earn more and live better. Of course, it’s about the European countries. Ukrainians did not believe that their country was able to reach European standards.

Today we have to say that their fears were justified. The corruption of the authorities deceiving own people, the armed conflict, the difficult economic situation and unemployment are the realities of modern Ukraine. In such a situation, a visa-free regime with Europe opened up incredible opportunities for Ukrainians. It allowed them to literally flee the country, seek employment in the EU and stay there officially or not.

According to official data, as of the end of 2017, 1 million citizens of Ukraine with a residence permit lived in the EU. A year later, the number of Ukrainians exceeded 2 million in Poland alone, while the total number, according to the Border Guard Service of Ukraine, exceeded 3 million. This is exactly the first part of the threat mentioned at the beginning of the article, and this is not about the migration crisis.

It’s no secret that the current Ukrainian authorities are closely cooperating with Washington. To this end, the US State Department even established the post of special representative for Ukraine.

This position was taken by Kurt Walker. However, he is not the only US citizen noted in Ukraine. In the summer of 2016, an American, Ulana Suprun, was appointed a Minister of Health. It should be noted that she was approved despite the Ukrainian legislation, since a person with dual citizenship does not have the right to occupy such a high post – so this may indicate that her appointment was lobbied from the outside.

Everything would not be so terrible if not a huge number of scandals Suprun was involved in. Last year, for example, she was convicted of purchasing medicines with an expiring date. In addition, Ukraine has banned vaccine against diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough and polio. The reason for this was the manual, published in Russian. Of course, she took the position of a reformer in the health sector, but all her reforms only aggravated the situation. Funding, services, medications, and even the condition of hospitals — everything fell into disrepair.

However, namely with the arrival of Suprun the American biolaboratories began to actively work in the country, number of which estimates to about 15. This, in particular, was reported by the American news portal InfoWars. It will be fair to note that they began to appear long before that, but large-scale activities came to action with the coming to power of the new government. For example, on January 1, 2017, sanitary norms, which were considered one of the most stringent in the world, ceased to operate in Ukraine, which greatly simplified the functioning of research centers.

The work of these laboratories could not go unnoticed. Thus, outbreaks of infectious diseases epidemics often occurred in the country. It is noteworthy that to combat this, more and more new vaccines supplied by American pharmaceutical companies were purchased. To protect the population from swine flu (H1N1), the state spent $ 40 million – in addition there was a botulism epidemic that killed thousands of Ukrainians. Now the country was struck by a measles epidemic.

Here we come to the second part of the problem. According to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, in the first seven weeks of 2019, almost 3,3 thousand measles cases were recorded in the country. Over 1.7 thousand cases are children. At the same time, from December 28, 2018 to February 8, 2019 – 21,355 people fell ill with measles in Ukraine – 9,304 adults and 12,051 children.

Putting two facts together – the labor migration of Ukrainians to Europe and the biological threat – it is not difficult to guess where the next epidemics will flare up. Moreover, 380 cases of measles have already been recorded in the first two months of this year in Poland, although for the entire last year only 339 cases of the disease have been recorded there. The secretary of the country’s chief sanitary inspector, Jan Bondar, commenting on the spread of the disease, noted that Ukrainian labor migrants brought it to the country.

So, Brussels by giving Ukraine a visa-free regime, also opened the doors of Europe to the horrors of a pandemic, which became possible due to the decline of the health system of Ukraine.

Labor migrants are also sources of biological problems. Do we need such a perspective? The question should be addressed to the European Commission.

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