Appeal to citizens of the Soviet Union, their children and grandsons

Lowering the Soviet flag, 25 December 1991

by The Association for Marxist Communities

December 25, 2016


Twenty five years ago, on December 25, 1991, from a flagstaff over the Kremlin a red banner of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) had been lowered slowly.

We call all citizens, confident that life in modern Russia is worse, than in the Soviet Union, having postponed disagreements, to unite and start creation of the modern political mechanism, including information and technological which will provide independent direct declaration of will of the people and replacement of a present neoliberal policy by policy for the benefit of most of the people which strategic objective will be a transformation of present criminal and nomenclature capitalist Russia of „sovereign democracy” to the country of national democracy, to society of the valid justice, equality of all before the law and an authentic brotherhood. Only this way we can serve to all former republics of the lost USSR, having returned to our life a sense of all good that was in the USSR and that took away from us in case of its destruction!

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One can, of course, ascribe to Marconi the invention of the radio, but he just stole improved to applicable for radio arrester of Hertz from Russian scientist Popov.
However, in the American mythology Americans are the first in everything, and even believe that the first cosmonaut in the world was Shepard. While his ship was not even entered orbit without flew to cosmic space. May 5, 1961 Booster „Redstone 3” brought the spacecraft capsule on a ballistic trajectory of suborbital flight. The flight lasted 15,5 minutes. The world has not noticed his flight, after almost a month before the first man in the world, Yuri Gagarin, went into space to orbit, performed one circle around the Earth. The flight lasted 108 minutes. “LEADERSHIP” OF THE UNITED STATES részletei…